Roll of Honour

Listed below are some of the cats I have owned over the years, and so that they don’t feel left out, I have included our canine friends, who remain, as well as their feline companions, in our hearts and a huge part of our family.

Sebastian (Anaid Jackthelad) Pedigree
Phoebe (Keyaki Kirishi) Pedigree
Jasmine (Corsican Laelia)
Daisy (Tanjong Tenshi) Pedigree
Coco (Yingmo Meezie Weezie) Pedigree
Lila (Panacea Aprill Love) Pedigree
Tia (Panacea Dancing Flame) Pedigree
Rooby (Sharnphilly Boundless Prospect)
Jasper (Contented Charmer) Pedigree
Ella (Chevgreen Goneril)
Megan (Carenage Uptown Girl) Pedigree